Kemetic Yoga (Sema Tawi) Live

Kemetic Yoga (Sema Tawi) Is the ancient Afrakan Yoga, developed as a part of the culture in ancient Egypt originally known as Kemet.

The importance of this system is that it holds the power to cultivate the highest aspect of consciousness in Afrakan people and the world.

The kemetic (Medu Neter) term for Yoga is Sema Tawi, 'To bring together'. This system takes the individual on the journey of creation moving into the postures with breath control and provides a holistic experience that reconnects us to our true self via ancestral collective memory. Moving through the sequences unlocks different aspects of self. The animal nature, the mystical essence of the divine presence, the air, the fertility and complexity of the earth... to the various degrees of fire that make up the physical, mental and spiritual being.

Sema Tawi is the mother to all forms of modern day styles of Yoga, it resonates with the core of life and sparks creation. The highest achievement for the human being on this earth is to know one self, become one with their true nature, recognizing all aspects of their Being.

Some of the instant benefits of practicing Kemetic Yoga are:

*raises the individual up to a higher level of consciousness

*cultivating self-love

*restoring collective memory which helps in rediscovering your genius

*unlocking the inner door to ever present greatness

*instant physical health improvement

*improve stimulate and strengthen digestive system

*increases one's ability to focus

*defining for oneself what it means to be spiritual

*increases overall wealth which begins with self-worth

Kemetic Yoga Divine Livity Online

We operate on a wide range of platforms however this program is especially created to suite the desire of anyone who wishes to create that space from home, where you can share the unique vibration of Kemetic Yoga from the comfort of your living room.

Monday to Thursday between 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm via Zoom. Two hours of Kemetic Yoga posture and meditation. We provide sessions at other times based on request. All levels are welcome and will be accommodated. A membership is for a reasonable €24 per month or only €3 per session and a 3day free trial for beginners.

Instructor: Yogi Akosua Aset has been a practitioner of Yoga for 15 years. She did her first teachers training in spring of 2012 and was certified in Kemetic Yoga (Thef Neteru Sema Paut) in fall of 2012. Ever since A has been sharing workshops in Jamaica, USA (SC), Austria, Germany. As an instructor she bases the classes on the specific system designed by Muata Ashby.

The change that we anticipate starts with self!

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